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Meal Prep Service Delivered To You

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Meal Prep Service Delivered To You

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How Does It Work

Choose Your Meal Plan

The healthy meal prep is done by our fine dining chef and nutritionists to surpass your expectations. It can be anything, from weight loss to specific living, health goals to healthy living or even a build muscle

We Prepare Your Meals

Our chef’s make sure that fresh and healthy meals are prepared and packaged for the delivery. They make sure that the customer is far away from any frozen or stocked food. The quality is our main motive while offering quality ingredients that are too tasty to reject and too healthy to stay away from. We only prepare meals we would eat! Our customers are our family and friends.

We Deliver Your Meals

Our healthy meal delivery is to ensure that customers receive their food on time without any delay. We follow specific delivery on Monday and Thursday between 2 am and 6 am**

Our Products

Organic Meal Delivery

Individually Customized To You

A Source of Vitamins

Vegetables in every meal is very important in humans nutrition cycle. You can eat our 100% organic vegetables either cooked or raw, and all included in our meals are low in carbohydrates and fat, but high in nutritional value such as minerals, vitamins and dietary fibre.

Best Quality Products

Our freshly  prepared meals are made up of quality rich ingredients to make sure that we are not only offering a tasty but healthy diet meal that meets the requirements to feed our families

Meals Designed For Effect

We make sure our fresh meals are hand prepared and weighed using scientific research proven to meet your end goals that are full of nutritious benefits to support your healthy diet. Our handmade meal prep has amazing results with 100 per cent effectiveness for our clients

Our Clients Testimonials

They measure your macros and build your diet based on your life style and fitness goals, and deliver to your doorstep, I mean why didn’t anyone think of this a long time ago?!

Far N Customer

This was my first time doing meal prep program and I was pretty skeptical and concerned about the food not tasting good.  I must say, I was blown away by Josh’s meal prep program. Not only Did I lose 18 pounds in a month, I became kind of addicted to his meals. They are delicious…

Rob M Customer

I tried a few meal prep companies that were okay until I finally found My Pure Life Foods and it’s literally changed my life!! The food is amazing and well priced. Very fresh and delivered to my door like clock work every Mon and Thursday by 8am.

Kevin P Customer

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