Joshua Phelps

Joshua Phelps

Head Chef
Phone:+1 310 740 3812
Address:Los Angeles County




Cuisine De Provencal Culinary School – Aries, South France







Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School









Specialty Diet Chef Joshua Phelps has such an awe-inspiring background in nutrition and cooking. His life mission is to combine and provide a holistic healthy meal with his upscale cooking skills to ensure each individual meal prep client has a healthy diet. He has spent the last decade in catering specifically to athletes and others that are worried about weight loss to ensure that they reach or maintain their health goals.

Joshua has always kept his life healthy and fitness well-maintained. Even now, he is training for a Men’s physique competition in Las Vegas next summer. He has a strict schedule to follow that is incorporated with personalized healthy eating habits just to participate in Bodybuilding and Olympic lifting Crossfit events. He believes that a healthy diet which is full of nutritious ingredients is essential to lead a healthy life. For the customers, he makes sure to incorporate this thought process while preparing meals to inspire them.

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